Borge’s House

Borge was just 8 years old when George and Jill met him at the Zimpeto Children’s Centre. He has grown into a fine young man and is working at a cashew factory. He is married to a beautiful young woman named Christazia and they have two little girls, Jacqueline and Jill. HiM bought a piece of land and has built a house for this family. Currently, work is being done to equip the house with electricity and water. There is an external bathroom but it is very primitive and unhygienic, so plans are to make an addition to the house of a new bathroom.

Boys’ House

When George and Jill lived on the children’s centre, they had oversight of a dorm of boys.  These boys are now grown and at different levels of working and completing their education.  HiM bought land and built a house for these five young men.  There is an urgent need to have water piped to the house and equip it with electricity.  The house did have electricity but a storm destroyed the work and so it is necessary to put in more poles and wiring.  In Mozambique, the homeowner has the sole responsibility of purchasing poles and wiring to get electricity to their house!

Milk Program

HiM sends monies monthly to young women who need assistance in caring for their young babies.  With poor diet and malnutrition a real danger, mums often don’t have enough milk to feed their children.  Also, they don’t have money to purchase formula and desperately need help.

The Farm Project

a_crop_on_the_farmWe support a family with this ‘Farm Project’.
By laying on a water supply we have been able help them to transform a barren wasteland into a farm, producing not only enough crops to feed themselves but also to sell the surplus to help buy the necessities of life.

Rutie’s Old Home

routies_old_kitchen1This was the kitchen in Rutie’s old home, very much like many of the homes that Mozambicans live in.

the_bathroom1And this was the bathroom!

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